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As a board-certified colorectal specialist, Dr. Zuri Murrell can help any patient suffering from an anal abscess. Due to the sensitive nature of colorectal issues, his top priority is patient comfort, providing a place where you can safely and privately seek treatment for anal abscesses. If you are suffering from an anal abscess, or colorectal problem of any kind, Dr. Murrell provides among the best anal abscess treatment Los Angeles has available. To set an appointment for a private consultation, please call our office today.

Anal Abscess Overview

An anal abscess is a small collection of pus that occurs in or near the anus. Also called an anorectal abscess, it is generally visible on the surface of the skin, appearing as a swollen sore. In some cases, they can develop deeper in the skin, in which case they are less visible. In either case, anal abscesses are easily detected due to their painful nature.

It is important they are treated immediately, as they may lead to more serious conditions. In some occurrences, patients may need anal abscess surgery in Los Angeles at Dr. Murrell's office, as this may be the best way to fully address the abscess. After a brief examination, Dr. Murrell can recommend an appropriate, effective anal abscess treatment program.

Anal Abscess Causes

To help you prevent anal abscesses, we’ve included the most common causes. If you have any of the below conditions, please set an appointment with Dr. Murrell. With a reputation for delivering the best anal abscess treatment Los Angeles offers, he can help get them treated before they turn into something more complicated.

Causes of anal abscesses include:

  • Blocked anal glands
  • STDs
  • Infection of an anal fissure

Your Colorectal Specialist: Meet Dr. Zuri Murrell

For patients seeking the very best in colorectal care, Dr. Zuri Murrell provides among the most caring, compassionate treatment. As a board-certified colorectal specialist, Dr. Murrell has the experience and knowledge necessary to help virtually any patient through the suffering that comes along with colorectal issues. With his definitive enthusiasm for helping people succeed, his patients routinely report the best anal abscess treatment Los Angeles has to offer.

Meet Dr. Murrell

Anal Abscess Treatment

In many cases, anal abscesses can be treated with a simple regimen of antibiotics to treat the infection. This decision should only be made after you see a colorectal specialist who gives you a professional treatment recommendation. If you do receive antibiotics, it is important to get regular checkups to ensure the treatment is working. If the abscess continues to develop, more comprehensive treatment may be needed.

Anal Abscess Treatment

Anal Abscess Surgery

In performing anal abscess surgery, Dr. Murrell’s purpose is to drain the abscess of all pus, allowing it to properly heal from the inside out. This is done with a small incision near the abscess, followed by a specialized procedure to ensure the entire infection is properly excised.

Once this is done, Dr. Murrell takes any measures to ensure the abscess heals from the inside out, so there is no further pocket within the skin. This is usually done by packing the area with sterile gauze to ensure the bottom heals first, with the healing process gradually making its way to the surface of the skin.

In addition to correcting the abscess, Dr. Murrell’s purpose is to prevent any recurrence of anal abscesses. He will take precautionary actions that are designed to help you find permanent relief from anal abscesses. With his thorough, caring approach, Dr. Murrell delivers among the best anal abscess surgery Los Angeles has available.

Anal abscess surgery is generally performed with local anesthetic, and the patient is wide-awake. The procedure takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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If you feel you have anal abscesses, it may be time to seek treatment. Dr. Murrell has a long record of helping patients find blissful relief from anal abscesses, allowing them to resume a normal, burden-free life. The first step is a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Murrell, during which time he will determine the exact condition, followed by an effective treatment plan. To get started, please call our office today.

Anal Abscess Treatment

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Anal Abscess Treatment
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