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Have You Been Screened? Colonoscopy in Los Angeles

A colonoscopy is a common endoscopic procedure done to examine the large intestine, colon and rectum. Dr. Murrell, a colorectal specialist, will perform a colonoscopy in Los Angeles at his office as a way to diagnose or treat a number of colorectal conditions.

What is Colonoscopy and How is it Done?

A colonoscopy is done with a colonoscope, a very thin, flexible endoscopic tool that is used to both examine the colon and rectum and also treat colon and rectal conditions. A small lighted, digital camera lets Dr. Murrell exam every inch of the walls of the colon and rectum.

If needed, forceps, loops, or swabs can be used through the colonoscope device. These small tools can also be used to test and do a biopsy of the areas of the intestinal wall or remove polyps from the colon or rectal area. Typically this is an out patient procedure that Dr. Murrell performs at his Los Angeles office.

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Colonoscopy Los Angeles

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Why Have a Colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is not only a method for screening the bowel for cancer or determining the cause of stomach pain or diarrhea. It is also a method of cancer prevention. During the procedure Dr. Murrell looks for polyps which are clumps of abnormal tissue that grow on a mucous membrane. Polyps can occur in the nose, uterus as well as in the colon or rectum.

Most polyps are benign but some are precancerous. Removing polyps during a routine colonoscopy prevents them from becoming cancerous which is why this is one cancer that can be prevented by a test. Dr. Murrell is a strong advocate of regular colonoscopy screenings for this reason and provides among the most gentle, thorough colonoscopy Beverly Hills can provide.

Dr. Murrell has treated thousands of patients for colon-rectal conditions. What sets him apart is the care he and his staff take to educate their patients about colonoscopy procedures.

Each of Dr. Murrell’s patients is counseled as to why colonoscopies are vital in screening for an early detection of colon cancers. Symptoms of colon and rectal cancer are often not present until the condition has reached advanced stages. When detected and treated early, the cure rate for colon cancer is 80% or better. For this reason, Dr. Murrell regularly administers one of the most thorough colonoscopies in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills and recommends that patients age 50 and over with normal risk factors for colon cancer get screened on an annual basis.

I was referred to Dr. Murrell by my OB/GYN because I turned 50, so it was time for my colonoscopy! His office got me in for a consultation within a couple of days, and his entire staff was warm and friendly. Dr. Murrell himself was engaging, funny, and a very good listener. I think he's just amazing!! I highly recommend him!


A colonoscopy is done for a number reasons including:

  • To detect colorectal cancer or precancerous polyps
  • To determine the cause of rectal bleeding, black, bloody or dark stool, for example due to an anal fissure or hemorrhoids
  • To examine the cause of chronic diarrhea or long-term abdominal pain
  • To determine the cause of iron deficiencies
  • To study the cause of unexplained, sudden weight loss
  • To examine the colon after abnormal test results from imaging scans such as CT, MRIs or other x-rays
  • To treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Colonoscopies also are a highly useful tool for determining the cause of abdominal pain or other intestinal problems. If you are experiencing any such symptoms Dr. Murrell can perform a colonoscopy in Beverly Hills at his practice and utilizing this technology, he can accurately diagnose and then properly treat your condition.

Colonoscopy Los Angeles

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Colonoscopy Beverly Hills


Dr. Murrell is a non contracted provider with all PPO plans. He is in network with Medicare and Tricare Select. Please call to confirm your specific insurance plan.

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Colonoscopy Los Angeles

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Colonoscopy Los Angeles
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