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The anus is a sensitive and susceptible region of the body. ANAL REJUVENATION™ is a specialty service offered by our proctologist in Los Angeles, Dr. Murrell, with the goal of repairing any abnormalities and restoring your anal region to its original form.

What is an Anal Rejuvenation™ Procedure?

The anus is one of part of the body which most people disregard when it comes to dermatological care. But despite the taboo surrounding it, it’s important to remember that it is a sensitive organ that requires medical and cosmetic attention.

Over time, due to age, genetics, ill health and use, the anal muscles stretch and lose their elasticity. When this happens, the sphincter muscles in the anus lose both their shape and their ability to function well.

This is where the ANAL REJUVENATION® procedure will work wonders. An anal reconstruction procedure designed to spruce up the anus, the ANAL REJUVENATION® treatment will give your anal muscles back their elasticity, shape, and strength; allowing you to live a life of quality.

The process begins with a private consultation during which Dr. Murrell will take the time to understand your situation and tailor an anal reconstruction program to fit your needs.

Dr. Murrell’s main objective during this consultation is to ensure you understand the whole process and so in turn feel safe and comfortable in the entire ANAL REJUVENATION™ procedure.

What conditions will be addressed in my Anal Rejuvenation™ Procedure?

Through the ANAL REJUVENATION™ procedure, any aberrations of the anal region due to colorectal conditions such as hemorrhoids, anal tags, polyps, skin folds or anal warts will be addressed. If required, your treatment plan may also include cosmetic procedures for tightening and re-strengthening of the anal sphincter.

What may be included in my Anal Rejuvenation™ Procedure?

Depending on the extent of anal reconstruction needed, an Anal Rejuvenation™ procedure may include injections, infrared coagulation, or more traditional surgical techniques. These can be done in Dr. Murrell’s office or in his state-of-the-art surgery suite. An ANAL REJUVENATION™ treatment can help relieve the pain and discomfort associated with many rectal conditions, and most importantly help to restore your self-confidence.

Dr. Murrell discusses ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure

Anal Rejuvenation

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Non-Invasive and Surgical Procedures

The ANAL REJUVENATION™ procedure is designed to:

  • Improve the appearance of your anus
  • Tighten the sphincter muscles
  • Remove abnormal growths on the anus
  • Remove precancerous and cancerous cells
  • Does not alter sexual performance or pleasure

To perform the ANAL REJUVENATION™ treatment, the doctor will use either one or a combination of the following treatments:

Anal Rejuvenation
Anal Rejuvenation

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Post-Treatment Care

Minor bruising, swelling, and pain are common symptoms, but these will reduce a few days after the procedure. Patients may experience pain while relieving themselves for a few weeks after the treatment. Complete recovery will take between 2-3 months.

We understand that recovering from ANAL REJUVENATION™ can be a delicate process. Here is a detailed guide to what you can expect during your recovery.

Exercise and Intercourse

You can return to light to moderate exercise one to two weeks following your procedure. As your body heals, you will be able to add more vigorous exercises to your routine, as long as you avoid any activities that directly involve contraction of the gluteal muscles. Regarding intercourse, most patients are able to return to vaginal intercourse or topping within one to two weeks following ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure.

Masturbation may allow you to see if your body is ready for intercourse as reaching orgasm stimulates contraction of the pelvic floor muscles and can cause pain. Remember to take things slowly and listen to your body. It will let you know what you are ready for.

Dr. Murrell is amazing! We drive over 100 miles each way to see him. It's not about the drive, but the quality of care we receive. He is passionate, honest, knowledgeable and a really normal, nice guy. That is what you will find in Dr. Murrell. He is a 5-star doctor.


Super professional is what Dr. Murrell is—all knowing. He does his job with integrity and brilliance.


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Dr. Murrell is absolutely the best. What was supposed to be a routine corrective surgery turned into a very complicated and lengthy procedure due to my particular condition. It was Dr. Murrell's expertise that pulled me through; he saved my life. In addition, I cannot say enough about his professionalism and bedside manner. Thank you Dr. Murrell, for everything.


"He is fantastic. Always know I'm getting great care and he's genuinely a warm person as well.


Anal Bleaching

Anal bleaching is a procedure that is used in the ANAL REJUVENATION™ procedure process when the individual wants to pay particular attention and care to the appearance of their anus. It is a cosmetic treatment that can help achieve beautiful results.

The pigmentation around the anus can become darker due to genes, aging, hormonal changes, pregnancy, etc. Anal bleaching is actually exactly what it sounds like.

A bleaching solution is applied to your anus which then helps to lighten the color of the perianal skin. This would be done so that the pigmentation of this area of the body appears more uniform with all the surrounding areas. The degree of darkness to the skin will determine the number of times this process is needed.

During your consultation Dr. Murrell will outline the different treatment options available and identify the best treatment plan for you.

Dr. Zuri Murrell

Dr. Zuri A Murrell is a highly experienced, board-certified colorectal surgeon who specializes in anal dermatological procedures. Feel free to contact him for more information regarding our ANAL REJUVENATION™ treatments and anal bleaching. Call us today at (323) 310-1137, or fill out the appointment form on the contact page to request a consultation with Dr. Murrell. Our clinic is located in Los Angeles, California.


Your anus is an intensely personal body part, and often considered a “taboo” subject. We know, however, that it is an important part of your sexual identity and your sex life. Cuts, tears, hemorrhoids, or scars can inhibit not only your body’s natural processes like defecation, they can also interfere with your sex life. Taking care of your anus is just one of the ways you should be looking after your health. Dr. Zuri Murrell is here to guide you through the process of an ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure so you may reclaim your sexual pleasure and care for your body.

What can an ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure do for Me?

The anus is an important organ in the body – which is often overlooked. The purpose of an ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure is to restore the aesthetic appearance and functionality of the anus. The appearance of skin tags, hemorrhoids, warts, or polyps will be addressed, creating greater comfort and peace of mind. If you are experiencing laxity of the anal sphincter muscles, anal tightening will help restore the region.

What are the Benefits of an ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure?

Aesthetic concerns are frequently masked health issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. By caring for your anus, you are also caring for your overall health. While restoring the aesthetic appearance of your anus is oven the motivation for seeking an ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure, the maintenance of this important area is key to its long-term functionality. Through an ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure you can:

  • Tighten loose sphincter muscles
  • Remove skin tags, polyps, and hemorrhoids
  • Repair cuts and tears
  • Identify and remove precancerous cells
  • Rejuvenate your sex life
  • Improve your self-confidence

Is Surgery Necessary for an ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure?

Surgery is not always necessary in an ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure. The same ablative lasers used for vaginal tightening can be particularly successful when seeking to tighten the sphincter muscles of the anus. This minimally invasive procedure stimulates collagen production which plumps the lining of the anus while tightening the surrounding tissue. These lasers may also be used externally to remove bumps, spots, and irregularities in the appearance of the anus. Ablative lasers are only one of the methods used in our arsenal of tools for an ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure.

What Other Procedures Can be Used as a part of an ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure?

Tightening of the anal sphincter can also be achieved through the use of BOTOX injections. Maintaining the tightness achieved through BOTOX will require routine injections, usually at six- or nine-month intervals. Surgical procedures can be used to remove polyps, skin tags, or hemorrhoids, repair cuts or tears, and tighten or loosen the muscles of the anal sphincter. Additionally, anal bleaching may be used to address pigmentation concerns and restore a bright, youthful appearance to your anus.

What is the Recovery from an ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure Like?

Recovery from an ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure is as individual as you are. Depending on the complexity and depth of procedures used during your ANAL REJUVENATION™ procedure, recovery can take from a couple of days to a few weeks for more invasive procedures. The most important thing you can do while recovering from your ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure is rest and allow your body to heal.

When May I Resume My Exercise Routine?

You may resume light exercise one to two weeks following an ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure. More vigorous activities can be resumed approximately three weeks following an ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure. Heavy weightlifting and activities which require contraction of the gluteal muscles, and therefore anal sphincter, should only be resumed once your body has healed completely.

Will My Health Insurance Cover the Cost of an ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure?

An ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure is considered to be an elective cosmetic procedure, so it will most likely not be covered by most health insurance plans. Our office staff has vast experience in processing insurance claims for an ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure and can guide you through the process of filing the necessary insurance paperwork.

Am I a Candidate for an ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure?

Whether you are experiencing looseness of the anus, would like to address aesthetic concerns, or would like to loosen the anal canal in order to allow bottoming to be more comfortable, these are all issues which can be addressed through an ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure. Dr. Zuri Murrell understands how important this delicate area is to your sexual identity and will guide you through the process of ANAL REJUVENATION™ in order to achieve the desired functionality and appearance that you seek. Dr. Murrell’s goal is to provide complete anal comfort, health, and aesthetic procedures that will allow you to feel attractive and confident.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Zuri A. Murrell for my ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure?

Dr. Murrell has extensive experience with our ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure, an important factor to consider when seeking treatment for this delicate procedure. As a pioneer in our Anal Rejuvenation® Procedure, Dr. Murrell has created his own techniques and procedures for restoring muscle tone, functionality, and the aesthetic appearance of the anus. Dr. Murrell knows how important this procedure is to you, not only aesthetically, but also as a part of your most intimate encounters. Dr. Murrell will listen to your vision for your ANAL REJUVENATION™ Procedure, and carefully guide you through the procedures necessary to achieve this vision.

Anal Rejuvenation

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Anal Rejuvenation
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