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Los Angeles proctologist Dr. Murrell is a leader in his field at treating everything from Hemorrhoids and Crohn’s disease to diagnosing and treating advanced colorectal cancer. Through his practice and the surgery center in Los Angeles, any situations related to colorectal functions of your body can be professionally addressed.

Colorectal Treatments

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Colorectal Treatments
UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine - Dr. Zuri Murrell
Harbor Medical Center UCLA
Director of the Colorectal Cancer Center at Cedars-Sinai - Dr. Zuri Murrell
American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery - Dr. Zuri Murrell
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A message from Dr. Murrell Concerning COVID-19 View Update

Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

Please know that during this unprecedented time, as we shelter together to protect our community from COVID-19, Dr. Murrell will be available to care for any of your urgent and emergent colo-rectal needs.