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Dr. Zuri Murrell is a board-certified colorectal surgeon in Los Angeles, giving him the ability to help virtually any patient suffering from anal fistulas. Because colorectal issues tend to be sensitive, Dr. Murrell’s top priority is providing an environment that gives his patients comfort and peace of mind. His office is a place where patients can safely and comfortably seek treatment for anal fistulas. If you are suffering from an anal fistula, Dr. Murrell is known for delivering the best anal fistula treatment Los Angeles has to offer. To begin on your road to relief, please call our office and set an appointment.

Anal Fistula Overview

An anal fistula is a channel that develops between the rectal interior and the outer anal skin, generally from an anorectal abscess. It develops under the skin and is open at both ends.

In most cases, it is a single canal, while other cases may find the fistula has branched into multiple openings in the skin. Fistulas unfortunately rarely heal on their own, prompting the need for surgery.

Anal Fistula Causes

In most cases, untreated anal abscesses are the cause of anal fistulas. An anal abscess is an infected pocket of pus in or around the anorectal area. While anal abscesses can usually be treated with antibiotics, some cases require more comprehensive measures to fully eliminate the infection. Statistics indicate that about 50% of anal abscesses will develop into an anal fistula.

Proper and swift treatment of an anal abscess can prevent the development of anal fistulas. To help you determine if you have an anal abscess, we’ve listed the symptoms below.

If you experience any of these, please make an appointment to see Dr. Murrell for a professional diagnosis:

  • Throbbing pain in the anus, which worsens when sitting
  • Visible irritation of perianal skin, including swelling and redness
  • Pus emission
  • Constipation
  • Pain during bowel movements

Your Colorectal Specialist: Meet Dr. Zuri Murrell

For patients seeking the very best in colorectal care, Dr. Zuri Murrell provides among the most caring, compassionate treatment. As a board-certified proctologist in Beverly Hills, Dr. Murrell has the experience and knowledge necessary to help virtually any patient through the suffering that comes along with colorectal issues. With his definitive enthusiasm for helping people succeed, his patients routinely report the best anal fistula treatment Los Angeles has to offer.

Meet Dr. Murrell

Anal Fistula Treatment

In treating anal fistulas, Dr. Murrell will use one of several techniques in the effort to provide total relief. His surgical approaches to anal fistulas are designed to treat the fistula while preventing any muscular damage to the sphincter. After a thorough exam to determine the extent and nature of the fistula, Dr. Murrell will thoroughly discuss your options. If you are suffering from severe rectal pain, it may be time to seek what patients are calling the most effective anal fistula surgery Los Angeles has to offer.

Treatment options:

Anal Fistula Surgery

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If you feel you have an anal fistula, it may be time to seek treatment. Dr. Murrell has a long record of helping patients find relief from anal fistulas, allowing them to resume a normal, burden-free life. The first step is a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Murrell, during which time he will determine the exact condition, followed by an effective treatment plan. His goal is to give you the smoothest and most effective anal fistula surgery Los Angeles has available. To get started, please call our office today.

Anal Fistula Surgery

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Anal Fistula Surgery
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